On our 23 hectares, located next to a natural reserve near Medellin, we grow year long with 12-hour sunlight, virgin water sources, ideal environmental conditions and stable temperatures, that will result in a high-quality plant development and pharma-grade Cannabis extracts.

The soil where we cultivate is virgin ground, full of nutrients preserved for centuries at the slopes of the Colombian Andes. Thanks to these weathering processes, we find the perfect resource that supports the crop in an exceptional way, without traces of heavy metals or pesticides.

Anything you want to grow, we will grow it with love for you.

Mannta’s main focus is the production of crops which are qualified for the pharmaceutical market. At our Center of Production and Innovation (CIPRO), our raw materials contain a great variety of components that make them unique and with exceptional characteristics. 

Throughout the production process we obtain standardized and stable harvests in quantity and quality. This is possible because our growing facilities use technologies that allow us to obtain healthy harvests that are free of pollutants. These include greenhouses with controlled lighting, irrigation and ventilation conditions, as well as water treatment that guarantees no cross-contamination with external elements.

    On the other hand, we have in the center of our cultivation culture, traceability, where the customer can check all the parameters and conditions in which we grow, from seed to market. All this to guarantee crops that comply with the WHO guidelines for raw materials for pharmaceutical use (GACP) and (GMP). Since we comply with EU standards, our organic cultivation methods guarantee a product that contains high levels of differentiating elements such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and others that allow us to obtain a complete extract from a unique raw material profile. 

    All the employees involved in Mannta’s production center have a strict occupational health and safety protocol to ensure hygienic standards.