MANNTA is a Medical Cannabis Company based in Colombia dedicated to the organic and sustainable cultivation, extraction and sale of medical cannabis generating tailor-made solutions for our partners and clients around the world under the highest quality international standards for Biopharma uses.

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We believe in building a world-class cannabis company that will make a remarkable contribution to this nascent pharma industry, society and the environment. We also seek to contribute to the improvement of our country through having a positive impact on the international markets in the cannabis industry.

We believe in leadership. We believe in evolution. We believe in Elevated Healing.

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Mannta was founded by entrepreneurs with a vision of making Mannta a business reference, not only in Colombia but internationally. They wanted to surround themselves with the best professionals, workers and consultants available to ensure the success of all their business objectives.
Mannta is about people, Mannta are dreams, Mannta is the meaning of excellence.

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Mannta is a big family and as a family member, we want to keep you posted in the most important things: The development of our projects, important news, updates and special needs we could have. One of our core beliefs is that this industry is collaborative, and we want you to be part of it.

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