Our country has traditionally been characterized by its strong agroindustry, however, this industry has a variety of shortcomings that detract its competitiveness and sustainability over time.

Therefore, MANNTA has set as one of its goals to create a series of initiatives to contribute to the Colombian farmland and its communities by creating a sense of belonging for the agricultural activities by helping in the technical and technological development.

Our company has the key goal of generating a highly positive impact on both society and the environment.

At MANNTA we believe in sustainability, but also in the power of regeneration through the implementation of a variety of renewable energy systems, generating our own growing substrates with local organic elements, optimizing resources through the use of high-tech greenhouses and a patented method of collecting atmospheric water.

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At MANNTA we have access to a patented method of atmospheric water collection, helping us increase our sustainability by taking advantage of innovative methods. We use moisture condensation from the air, obtaining around 3.000 Liters of pure water per day for every station.