Mannta begins as any other story of young entrepreneurs, with a big difference, we wanted to enter in a practice that has been around forever, the cultivation of cannabis, and turn it into an industry through innovation and technology together with a social and environmental consciousness. We started by researching deeply the colombian agricultural industry and the new cannabis legislation which made the practice legal in 2017 and now we have a fully integrated company which is evolving constantly and it is innovating to transform the Pharma Industry.

By our research and medical products we seek to improve people’s lives and push the Human Race forward elevating their life standards. We care for you so you don’t have to.



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Suroeste Antioqueño

CIPRO - Crops

CIPRO, which stands for 'Center for Innovation and Production', is Mannta's main biomass production facility. The estate is located in the southwest of Antioquia, surrounded by incredible landscapes, natural resources, incredible people, and an unparalleled climate that makes it perfect for the development of cannabis crops.

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Head Quarters

Mannta's HQ is where the action takes place, where all the ideas are born. Medellín has been named one of the most innovative cities in the world, it is a dynamic center of industry and commerce. We chose Antioquia to be the heart of cannabis production not only in Colombia but worldwide where CIPRO is the main protagonist.